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Spa Recipes: Sage Lodge Sugar Scrub

The new Spa at Sage Lodge in Paradise Valley just north of Yellowstone Park offers massage, therapeutic treatments, facials, a sauna and steam room, a hot soaking tub and a top-notch location at the base of the Absaroka mountains.

Through a partnership with Sage Fly Fishing, well-known manufacturer of performance fly fishing equipment, Sage Lodge offers guests specialized fly fishing expeditions and other personalized Montana adventures alongside upscale-rustic accommodations, a gourmet restaurant and grill and the services and the amenities of a therapeutic spa

on the premises.

Sage Lodge concocts their own blend of a sugar scrub for guests of the lodge to use while staying on the property. The scrub, laden with olive oil, is a hydrating hand and body product designed with relaxing and refreshing aromas as well as cleansing properties.

The scrub includes locally-blended Goddess of Spring Primavera essential oils created in Livingston. Sage Lodge has even contracted the Goddess of Spring company to craft a signature scent for the Lodge. Employees of the Lodge held a “smelling party” where they worked together to decide on the essential oil blend that would best personify the Lodge. Both an “a.m.” and “p.m.” blend of the essential oils will be available for purchase exclusively on-site at Sage Lodge.

The Spa also features locally-crafted artisan bath products by SimplyACBoutique in Bozeman and the entire lodge offers loose and bagged Tumbleweed Teas from the women-owned tea company based in Big Timber.

Sage Lodge Hydrating Sugar Scrub Scrub • Pray, Montana


Moisturize & exfoliate dry winter hands with this homemade sugar scrub combining fresh rosemary, peppermint, wintergreen, and lavender essential oils. Recipe may be halved or quartered for smaller batches.


½ cup fresh rosemary

½ cup extra virgin olive oil

1 cup of dried lavender (preferably “super blue” variety)

4 pounds of turbinado sugar

2 and ½ cups of olive oil

Peppermint and wintergreen essential oils*

1. De-stem the rosemary and emulsify with the ½ cup of the extra virgin olive oil. If making a smaller batch, use a little of the plain olive oil to aid in emulsifying the rosemary into the oil base.

2. Pour sugar in a large bowl.

3. Mix in emulsified rosemary and oil. Mix in the additional olive oil and blend well with a metal or wooden spoon.

4. Add lavender and mix well.

5. Add desired amount of essential oil essences to enhance scent and mix/blend until completely absorbed.

The sugar scrub may be used on hands and body but is not recommended facial use.

*Other oils may be used or substituted according to personal preference

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